GF Strawberry Chocolate Danger Cake

I knew there was a way to make my Strawberry Chocolate Danger Cake gluten free.  Labeled “deliciously delirious”, 1-2-3 Gluten Free’s Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Mix fit the bill as the basis for this stellar birthday cake.  MY birthday cake!

The mix yields 2 very large layers.  It took a bit longer to cook than written on the box.  17-22 minutes for two 9″ round pans was really more 25-30 minutes.  Disclaimer:  Know your oven!   Sadly, I think I may be in the market for a new one soon.

I kept the recipe as is, with white/brown sugars and dairy products.  A cool thing about 1-2-3 Gluten Free mixes is that you can mix and match what you need according to your (or a loved one’s) particular dietary restrictions.

I mixed a pound of washed strawberries with 1 cup of brown sugar.  The trick is not dry them completely and let them sit for about two hours.  The sugar will start to break down the berries, making a raw compote. I cut the berries in half, shook off the excess sugar and placed them inside the two layers.

Milk chocolate frosting enveloped the strawberries and layers.  I had the frosting sit at room temperature but let it spin around in the microwave a few seconds.  It’s best to do a thin coverage on this dense cake with a frosting spatula, refrigerate for 10-15 minutes, and touch up.