3 Things: Fall Looks, DIY Hair Cuts, and Peter Lappin

3 things I like (late) this week:

1.  Fall Looks.

Anthropologie officially calls the above look “Bakery I”.  I dig the plaid mixed with a large repeat skirt.  My favorite reader comment was “Like she eats bread.”  Oh, and did you see these boots and top?  I can’t afford you but hello…

2.  Cutting Your Own Bangs.

Much to the dismay of my stylist, I sometimes get bored and cut my own bangs.  The last time I did it, I blamed boredom brought on by men’s figure skating.  Tonight was due to a let down from Project Runway.  Usually I have the same problem every time:  I twist my hair the wrong way because I’m looking in the mirror when I do it.  This time your favorite geometry-challenged girl followed the instructions from haironthebrain.com. I took my time and trimmed just a bit, nothing drastic.  Will I be calling my stylist?  Probably but I’d like to think that this time I did a bang-up job.  (Sorry, just couldn’t resist that one…)

3.  Peter Lappin from the blog Male Pattern Boldness.

I read Peter’s sewing blog everyday.  I love that he has so many sewing machines and is so dedicated to learning how to construct such beautiful things.  I’m also impressed with the number of readers who interact with him on a daily basis.  How does he do it and can I borrow some of those people, Peter?

I enjoyed his post last Friday entitled “WHAT is up with Japanese Fashion?”.  Having lived in Japan, I’m familiar with the colorful Harajuku Sundays.  I’m a total sucker for well-thought-outrageousness BUT I must admit that the Bo Peep and Lolita get-ups are just too out there for me.  I once met a Rockabilly gal (stateside) who had written her graduate thesis on the Japanese Lolita phenomena.  We had a most interesting talk about the fashion and the fragile persona expected to accompany these outfits.  Checking out street fashion, even though I’m a tee-shirt and jeans kinda girl (with cute hair), was one of my absolute favorite things to do when walking around in Tokyo.   In fact, many of the styles here were popular when I lived there.  I’m not sure why it takes such a long time for style to migrate.  I think Japan is in need of a fashion-forward Admiral Perry to open the borders on Japanese fashion.

I nearly got hit by a car while taking this photo in NYC this summer when I noticed that a Muji has opened in the New York Times building!