Shout Out!

Yesterday we got a shout out on the Bazaar Bizarre Boston blog.  Not only did it make our frigin’ day but we are even more psyched to do this show.  (Jake wonders how this is all possible and why, for a cat, he’s so astute?)

Little known fact:  we’ve been in absolute full-production mode for this show for the past two weeks.  We’ve got the intern working (when she’s not doing her college application essays), the sewing machine a-stitching, the heat press going, and wood burning tools making us swear like a sailor.  Why?  Because we really want to knock this one out of the park!

What we’ll have that’s NEW in Boston:

1.  Vintage label rough-stitched denim dish towels and napkins in faded linen, checks (above), stripes,  and ticking.  Our new heat transfer supplier has far superior product than the other guys and, oh, the colors are amazing.

2.  Illustrated bamboo utensils, small and large cutting boards, and trays.  We’ve been in love with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton lately, so expect to see planes, velocipedes (read: big wheel old-timey bikes), hot air balloons, trains, and other steam punk type things.

(we’re working on these still…)

3.  Uber colorful Shimmy Shimmy Retro Ribbon and Lucky 7 Knitter Ball ornaments plus the latest glass magnets and Wear Ever Chef aprons (cobalt blue, faded black and grocer green).