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It’s finally Monday, the start of a new week full of deadlines, my birthday on Wednesday, and an even newer to-do list because Twist is now only three weeks away.

Saturday at Paint & Pixel Festival was successful.  I happily chatted with folks who stopped by my table.  It was neat to be asked questions that were so drawing intensive.  Sometimes I didn’t know how to answer them because the answers just seemed too simple.  The most popular of the day was WHY do I draw food and quirky things or to talk about my process and what inspires me.  These less technical ones were much easier!

I enjoyed the mix of styles at the show, some so very different from my own but all really very cool.  I appreciated everything that I saw when I had a chance to walk around in the afternoon.  When I did get to talk to an artist, it was amazing to hear about the time and effort behind finished products.   Some artists even created work in real-time, which showed a skill that I don’t have.  I like drawing in my studio.  It’s a little less pressure.

The feedback that I received on my illustrations was positive.  Kids loved the vibrant colors and they were described at whimsical, happy and lighthearted.  All very good adjectives, if you ask me!  A few people didn’t like them and were oddly vocal about it.  I just smiled, however, and wondered a little at the lack of edit button.  You definitely can’t win over everyone but that’s okay with me.

I met and talked with some really cool folks, like cartoonists Matt Aucoin and Hilary Price, comic artists Mo Oh, Tom Pappalardo and Matt Smith plus book illustrators Suzy Becker, Ciaran Gaffney, Nancy Haver, Astrid Sheckels, and Kevin Slattery.  Michael Dow from Modern Myths and Peggy Twardowski did a great job coordinating the logistics and the necessaries for the day.  I’m looking forward doing the show again next year.  Definitely.