Meet Your Maker: Abby Berkson

Abby Berkson was featured in an article that I wrote for the Springfield Republican’s Pioneer Valley Life section about Twist FairBelow is the full interview with Abby, along with links and photographs of her work.

What’s your name, business name, where are you from and where are you now located?

I’m Abby Berkson of Abby Berkson Ceramics.  I grew up in Keene, NH, and am currently located in Northampton , MA.  Both my home and my studio are in Northampton.

How did you get your start?  Please tell me how your business went from an idea to what it is today.

I used the potter’s wheel for the first time when I was in high school and was drawn to it right away.  I went to art school, majored in ceramics and have been on the path towards running this business ever since!  I worked in a few shops after college, including The Artisan Gallery in Northampton and worked under a few different potters, mainly Constance Talbot at High Hollow Pottery in Windsor, MA.  Those experiences made me feel prepared to take on both the business and creative sides of being a potter.

What inspires you to create?  What are your favorite materials or colors to work with?  Where is your studio/work area and what is it like?

I work with stoneware and colored slips to create functional pottery.  I am very inspired by illustration and by textile design in all of my work.  I love to combine patterns and cute animals to make functional work that is also fun to use and lovely to look at.  As for colors- right now I am really into yellows and reds, and I always love bright green.  Especially in the Spring!  I work out of the Celadon Studio in downtown Northampton.

What do you do when not at work in your studio?

I like to garden and take walks.  I also love to read.  But generally speaking, being at work in my studio is one of my favorite things and I can get pretty obsessive about it!

What are the top 3 reasons someone shopping at Twist should stop by your table?  Will this your first time as a vendor at Twist?

Yes, this will be my first time at Twist as a vendor.  I have been as a customer, and loved it.  It is a fantastic shopping experience, full of lovely things to look at.  People who stop by my booth will find functional, microwave and dishwasher safe pottery decorated with animals and flowers- great for Spring!  My work appeals to a wide range of customers.  It ranges from very cutesy to more sophisticated, and is always fun to look at.  I have items geared towards children (or adults like myself who just cannot get enough cuteness in their lives), and also things that are more geared towards wedding gifts, Mother’s Day and housewarming gifts.

Visit Abby and 60+ vendors at Twist on May 6 + 7 at the Northampton Center for the Arts