A Good Photo or Two

A good photo or two make all the difference in the world when it comes to selling something online.  It’s the one thing that I’ve sweated countless hours over.  After soaking in Miniature Rhino’s Etsy Success Workshop on photography, I am really happy with the most recent batch of images…sometimes you just need a little refresher on how to make your camera sing!

Yesterday, awesome intern Erin and I spent the afternoon re-shooting aprons, bags and tees.  They were previously on a dress form or hanging from a hook in the outside studio.  We dolled up our favorite studio helper, used available light at 3pm on the patio against the garage and we got just what we were looking for!


Erin also spent some time practicing newly learned f-stop math and composition by snapping images of our just-finished vintage frame chalkboards and trinkets. For a first-timer, she did a really great job!


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