Sarah meets Nate & Salli from They Draw and Cook!

On Saturday, June 25, I drove up to North Adams to take part in Eagle Street Market, the artisan fair that ran during Wilco’s 3-day Solid Sound Festival.  After a winding 2-hour drive on Route 2A and rainy tent set-up with buddy/market neighbor, Steph G. from Atomsatwork Accessories, the skies cleared and coffee finally kicked in.

I sometimes draw recipes for They Draw and Cook (as some of y’all might know…) and, just for fun, emailed Nate, the site’s curator and only person I “know” in North Adams, to tell him I was going to be in town and to stop by if he was free.  Luck would have it that Salli, his sister and co-curator, was in town too!  I got to meet them both, along with Salli’s son and husband, and they were the nicest folks you’d ever meet.  Nate blogged about our meeting on the TDAC website.

Nate also delivered a half-dozen of my silk-screened aprons to sell at MASS MoCA in an alternative market run by the Bureau for Open Culture.  Illustrated recipe cards will arrive there later this week.  Read a little more about Night Market below:

Night Market by the collaborative Red76 is a store located inside Bureau for Open Culture where goods and services by a range of culture makers–from near and afar–are available. Here, a more intimate connection is forged between the producer and the outlet of dissemination, closing the often-wide gap between maker and means of distribution. Night Market situates local cultural production, such as honey, yogurt and syrup, on equal grounds with visual art, literature, theory and design to forge a comprehensive portrait of the cultural worker and leveling what is considered cultural production.