Mark Twain meets Ty Pennington

When I can’t come up with words or witty things to say, I turn to Mark Twain.  Today this quote describes most perfectly my weekend and week ahead:

What work I have done I have done because it has been play. If it had been work I shouldn’t have done it.

Mattoon Street Arts Festival went as all shows should: busy and profitable.  We met lots of folks and the new kitchen textiles were a big hit but, best of all, many reclaimed items and furniture found homes.  This included my display trunk, which can now be seen at Kate Gray in East Longmeadow!

Amid Monday deadlines and production, I received some very good news that has paused my work a bit this week.  I have been asked to join a design team for the Extreme Home Makeover House in Springfield.

My excitement has completely gotten the better of me as I am being brought on to do off-site design and components construction with a group called 42|DesignFab in Chicopee.  They create amazing museum exhibits and custom themed environments, a perfect match for some of the unique ideas that the show includes in their houses.  I’m happy that I will soon be able to say that things I worked on will be in the family’s house AND shown on television.  We’ll be working specifically on the boy’s sports-inspired room.

Today is my second appearance at Northampton’s Tuesday Market and Sunday is stART on the Street in Worcester.  Mention that you read the blog at either show and you’ll get a high five thank you.  Next week, after I sleep and rest up, I will be back in the studio and working on more stuff.  I think there’s a Yo La Tengo concert in there somewhere too.  Have a great week everyone!


2 thoughts on “Mark Twain meets Ty Pennington

  1. hi, that was me next to you at Tuesday Market with the mead. 🙂
    I hope the Crying With Hammers stuff is awesome!

    1. Hello, Tuesday Market neighbor! Funny, Kim from Apollo Grill called the show the same thing when we were there on Tuesday night! Are you the friend who also can’t watch it with her?

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