The Story of Stuart Bear

Update:  Stuart Bear sold for $1000 at the 2012 Easthampton Bear Fest Gala and Auction.  The winning bidder was William Hogan, President of Easthampton Savings Bank, who donated Stuart to the City’s Planning Office at 50 Payson Avenue.

Hear the story of Stuart and look at his 2012 Easthampton Bear Fest Flickr scrapbook!

Stuart Bear was the official 2012 Easthampton Bear Fest Spokesbear and tweeter @TeddyBearStuart.  His sponsor was the City of Easthampton and he was located at Banas and Fickert on 63 Main Street from June 9 – September 12, 2012.  He was made with fiberglass, resin, polycarbonate, cotton cloth and acrylic paints.  Sarah Platanitis, the creative behind Anselblue Design Studio and illustrator of the orange Bear Fest pint glasses, designed Stuart.  He’s named after former Easthampton city planner, Stuart Beckley.

A little about Stuart Bear:  His dream is to become Bear Mayor.  He likes Mt. Tom’s ice cream, peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches, people clothes and books about bears.  He dislikes mean bears and people who pull on his tie.

Thank you to the ECA+ and the 2012 Easthampton Bear Fest folks for letting Stuart Bear come to life. Big high fives to Todd, Jack & Christine at 42|Design Fab, Kerri Wessel & Steve Andrade, Jake the Cat, Chris O’Leary & Lucy the Dog, and Mom & Dad for all your support and smiles.

6 thoughts on “The Story of Stuart Bear

  1. Stuart is looking very adorable in his suite. I love the tie and green sneakers. He is very fashion forward. I love him.

  2. @doris, that he is! I hope he’s a big hit…I wonder where he’ll be? I hope in front of ECA+ but I’m not sure. He’s the spokesbear and should be close to “home”. I think he definitely should host a story hour.

  3. @suzanne, he’ll have lots of adventures, I’m sure. I think I’m going to set up a way for people to take their photo with him!

  4. Stuart is lucky to have such creative and fun loving friends. He will be a real hit on the streets! Do you know yet where he’ll be. Maybe he would like to host a story hour at an art walk!

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