Meet Your Maker: Pierre St. Arnault

This spring, I participated in Art House Co-op’s 10×10 series of mini projects.  The aim of the 4×6 project was to connect artists around the world at random by exchanging small pieces of their work.  I received a small canvas with photo transfer from Pierre St. Arnault of Quebec.

It was really interesting to receive this particular piece because I like to make transfers of photographs, too.  I decided to write to Pierre and, just to be safe, I had a friend of a friend translate it into French in case he didn’t speak English.  He wrote back and it was really exciting to start a conversation with him.

Pierre’s artwork is a photo transfer with a touch of color.  He took the original photograph around 1982 when he was a full-time photographer and said that he best loves the illusion of landscape created by what is a wall.  He didn’t retouch the photo.  To make this picture, he printed the image with a laser printer and used medium to transfer it to canvas.

Pierre is working on different versions of this image, tentatively called “Sunset wall” or “Sunrise wall”.  His wife, Johanne Laventure, has a great name and is also an artist.  You can see her colorful work here: