Away To Brimfield

Today I’m heading off to Brimfield Antique Show with a favorite friend.  I can’t wait to wander around the fields.  Thankfully it’s Wednesday so there won’t be a million attendees like there usually are on the weekend.  Just to be safe, we’ll drive in the back way and find a primo parking spot.

I think today I’ll look for the elephant chocolate mold in the photo above.  I first found it last July and it was still there in May.  I promised myself that if it was there in July, it’d be mine.  I think I’ll also look for the Japanese mail bag totes, summery Balinese-inspired cool and horse-related things, like this cowboy sign…which I probably can’t afford.  Ever.

Brimfield Spring 2012 (17) (800x600)

I have lots more Brimfield adventure photos on Flickr and plan to take more today!  Wish me luck in my search for awesome.  What’s your best Brimfield find?