Three Things: Chalkboard Wall

For the last few months I’ve been toying with the idea of painting one of the walls in my office with chalkboard paint.  I have this dream of being really organized and feel that if I can write on the wall that maybe it will come true so I won’t need to stress over the multi-tasking that goes on here.  I found three chalkboard wall ideas that I’d like to replicate.  Help me choose…which do you like best?

1.  The entire wall.
Pros:  I love the idea of lots of space to write BIG and sprawling.  That woman looks so happy and organized, doesn’t she?
Cons:  I’m worried it will be too dark.  My office gets a fair amount of light but the floors and trim in the room are that odd orange that everyone loved in the 1940s.  (Yes…in all the years it’s never been painted over…what color is that even?)  I’ll also have to clean it with water frequently because I don’t want it to look like this hot mess.

2.  A half wall.
Pros: It would lighten up the space and let me keep my meeting table where it is.
Cons:  There would still a piece of furniture in the way and I’m only 5 feet tall.  Maybe a chalkboard wide stripe in the middle of the wall?

3.  Parts of the wall.
Pros:  Easy painter’s tape project with clean lines.
Cons:  Not a whole lot of space to write and how many calendars to make?  Three months?  Do I even bother?  It’s cute but is it really practical?