Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child!

Today is Julia Child’s 100th birthday.

Julia Child is my absolute favorite chef in the world.  She is the reason why I love cooking.  (I actually get a little misty when I say that…) When I was very young, her show was the only one that my toddler self would watch in total attention.  I would watch make “recipes” along with her, usually with whatever ingredients I could grab on tip-toes from the fridge, and made my parents try them.  To make sure I remember this hardship, they took many embarrassing photographs of me in the kitchen “being Julia”.

Julia was there with me through boring home economics classes, helped me start a collection of cookbooks and guided me through “culinary disasters” in my later years.  Watching her show when I lived overseas in Japan was comfort on rainy monsoon days when I missed home.  One time I actually baked mini apple pies in my fish fry oven.  My fellow teachers and the little boy who lived in the apartments with me didn’t leave a crumb.

I spent nearly three hours pouring over every inch of her exhibit at the Smithsonian.  Luckily, the friend I was with also loved her so and we had the best time talking with other Julia fans and realizing that there were many more people like us out there who also thought the world of this truly funny and talented woman.

What are your memories of Julia Child?  Share them in the comments below!