Team DIY: EcoBuilding Bargains Inspired

Can you think of a better field trip for Team DIY than a visit to a recycled building materials store?  Best yet, I went to this amazing place with two new creative pals, Amber and Macey, from

Eco Bldg Knack Words
I had been to this place in its previous incarnation, the ReStore.  I caught myself a few times calling it that while on our tour with Andrea Gauvin, EcoBuilding Bargains marketing person.  EcoBuilding Bargains is the largest recycled building materials store in New England!

It works like this:  Donations of quality and salvaged building materials plus surplus from the building industry help homeowners and contractors better mind budgets and find unique things for projects.  They carry plumbing, windows, doors, lighting fixtures, lumber, cabinetry, and tons more saved for people who want to reuse materials.  They also have workshops and products that can make homes greener and more energy-efficient.

We walked around for a few hours and spotted some cool finds:  theatre seats taken from an area high school, a row of colorful radiators, an aisle dedicated to brass hardware of all kinds, and ornate mantles that dated back to 100 years ago.  My top picks were the little mail cart and a 144-pane curved window that was removed, oddly enough, from a ranch-style house.   While looking through the free materials section, Amber saved me from being smushed by a door.  Now that’s a good friend!

By the end of the trip, my head was filled of project ideas that popped up each time I saw something with a spark of potential.  Can you imagine what it’s like when all your materials are right there and you can just have your pick of whatever you would like?  It’s like being in a candy store!  Macey bought a shutter to repurpose into a holiday card holder.  I, however, left my wallet in the car because I know what’s good for me.

The girls from Knack and I will take a trip to EcoBuilding Bargains again soon and I can’t wait!  I’m going to have a shopping list.  Here’s a few projects that I’ve been thinking about creating:

1.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired bathtub couch.

2.  Drawer fronts made into hanging racks.

3.  Five-panel door transformed into a coffee table.

Check out more of my upcycled idea pins and tell me what you would make.  Share the pin if you’ve already found it!