Team DIY: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I’ve been all kinds of go-go-go lately and have come to realize that I’m tired.  This month’s Team DIY features three rooms on Pinterest that have inspired me to a redesign of my own room so I’m eager to catch up on my beauty sleep.

I’m digging the monochromatic with mod pillow patterns.  The repurposed carnival light string as a bedside light is more for ambiance than reading those piles of magazines and books.  I’d probably add this little red lamp to the table and stay up really late to go through my pile of things to read.

I love pillows.  I have six of them on my bed!  If this were a bedding set, I’d buy it in a second.  It’s probably not so it gives me much hope that I could pull off something so fab with all the mismatched bedding I own.   There’s so many different colors, textures and styles…charcoal, raspberry, beige, white, chevron, dots, stripes, eyelet, tribal…all so expertly combined.  I really want to flop into this bed and snuggle up under the layers soft, billow covers.

I’m not a super fan of tiny cottage flowery patterns but I love this floral with its bright electric teal, wine and lemon yellow print.  If you look carefully, you’ll see if that it’s actually two twin-sized comforters on a bigger bed, which is kind of genius since the tiny beds always get the neat patterns!  The robin egg headboard is amazing with its worn gold braid edgings.  It’s something I wish I could run across at Brimfield.

Which do you like?  Got a Pinterest board of places to count sheep?  Share it!