Recipe Box: Gluten Free Fortune Cookies

My darling beau has a fit every time he opens a fortune cookie.  “There’s aren’t fortunes…they’re…I don’t even know what they are.”

We got to talking about where they were from…are they an American invention or a Chinese treat?  The truth is that they’re neither…they’re actually Japanese!  Tsujiura senbei (literally “fortune cracker”) is the official name and I used to buy them in Japan for New Year’s.  This Japanese confectioner has been making them since 1907.  Sugoi desu ne!

I know, I know…you want to make them at home and you totally can.  Try this recipe with a friend and share this fact this it’s the most viewed recipe on my blog!  As of today, 900 people have checked out or tried to make this recipe.  That’s a lot of fortune cookies!

What You Need:
l egg
1/3 cup sugar
2 tablespoons corn oil
2 tablespoons water
¼ cup cornstarch

What You Do:

  1. Preheat a pancake griddle.  A constant 350 degrees works best.  Think: drops of water bounce when dropped on the surface.
  2. Beat egg until frothy then add in sugar, a little at a time.  Beat until mixture is a light yellow and thick. Fold in corn oil. Mix water and a teaspoon of the egg mixture into cornstarch.  Stir everything together.
  3. Drop rounded tablespoon of batter on the griddle and spread with a spoon to the size of a cd.  You want the batter evenly thick.  Cook both sides until edges brown and can be lifted with a spatula, about 5-ish minutes.  If they stick, they need to cook longer.
  4. Remove from the griddle, place your fortune (prepared in advance) on cookie and fold.
  5. To fold:  Fold opposite edges together into a semicircle. Keep the curved side toward your finger tips, gently pinch with thumbs on top, and move your palms together to bend the cookie into its traditional shape.  Set in a muffin tin to cool.

Hint:  It’s helpful to have someone on the griddle and another folding the cookies.  I also add about a 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract so it tastes super yummy!