Good Eats: Matcha Tea

This month’s Good Eats features matcha, or fine powder green tea.  It’s been the standout star of the Japanese tea ceremonies since the 12th century.  Whatever you do, never confuse matcha with regular old green tea.  This cancer-fighting heavyweight has three times the amount of antioxidants, can boost your energy then calm you down so you can achieve Zen.

I know what you’re thinking, “Sarah, you can’t eat tea…”  Dwight from The Office might go on a long rant about it but I’ll just say that I used to live in Japan and there are many things flavored with matcha.  It has a distinct flavor and is used to dye foods like mochi rice cake, cute Japanese sweets and make super yummy iced cream on top of green tea cake!

Or maybe I’m really hungry and want green tea soba noodles with grilled prawns…

Or green tea-poached salmon with braised spinach…

Want to learn a little more about history of tea?  Check out this infographic and stock up on your favorite.  I recommend matcha, ginger and yerba mate!