Moral Support: Reasons To Work

This Spring, I saw some truly amazing art installations.  Some wowed me while others totally perplexed me.  What was even more interesting was talking to the artists.  Many created their spaces from ideas that bubbled up from inside them.  A few did so because they wanted the recognition of doing such grand work.  These latter overshares made me a bit uncomfortable and, oddly enough, led me to this quote.

Yet, I’m sometimes on the other side of this thinking.  In my photographer life, I often apply for grants and to galleries, hoping to be recognized for my work, only to find that subjectivity has come into play and my only return on investment is a rejection letter.  That’s tough stuff.  It’s nice when a yes! comes in because it clears away all those mixed feelings.

What do you think?  Should artists create for approval or for themselves?