Eat Write Retreat 2013

It’s finally here!  The weekend I’ve been waiting ages for…the Eat Write Retreat!!

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Let me catch you up on all the neat-o things I’ve done to prepare for my trip!

1.  My Indiegogo fundraiser, “Send Sarah to Philadelphia!”, is the reason I’m here.  Family, friends, blog readers and people I didn’t even know contributed for perks to help me reach my goal and beyond.  They made me realize a very big thing: Sometimes it’s okay to ask for support to make the big ideas happen. Without them, it would have been a much tougher climb but everyone rallied behind me and I’m thankful for my Sherpas!

2. My Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge for the conference featured California figs.  My dish was Broccoli Raab with Sausage and Black Mission Figs & Gluten-Free Hot Pepper Ziti.  You can read more and see photos here.  It was a popular post and garnered notice from Honest Cooking Magazine plus a shout out by Valley Fig Growers.

3. I created a special version of my Saturday Sugars with dark chocolate and Italian basil for the conference’s Monk Fruit In The Raw challenge.  They were pretty tasty (think Milanos but better!) and one blog follower from Ohio thought so, too, since he ordered a batch for his favorite co-worker who is gluten-free.

4. Calphalon asked us to curate five recipes on Pinterest that we wanted to make with their cookware and then featured our picks on their website!  For a brief moment in time, I was next to Chef Michael Symon on the website.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to cook with him on The Chew!

That’s it for now.  I’ll be posting updates on my Twitter (@anselblue) and the kitchen page on FB.  Expect a wrap-up post on here next week.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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