Team DIY: Take a Picture

This month’s Team DIY features tutorials on how to take pictures using some neat-o photo tricks.  Here are three clever ideas plus a bonus found on Pinterest that made the cut.

1.  Pictures of the Past in the Present

Past Picture Present

Dear Photograph is a neat website that curates all those neat old photos held up against the original setting so that past and present blend into a new work of art.  It’s relatively easy to do: hold up the old photo an arm’s length form your camera at the original setting.  Move around a bit while you take your photos then pick the best one!  Above is my patio now and at my mother’s high school graduation in the 1950s.

2.  Album Cover Photography

No better photo op than this one, right?  Take a photo with a prominently featured face and match it up.  You’ll need a friend to help you but I’m sure (after a glass of wine or two) you’ll be having the best time.

3.  Tilt Shift Photography

tilt shift moma

Tilt shift photography fakes miniatures and gives you a fun diorama effect.  Here’s how to make a DIY lens but you can also post-edit a photo on  Say hello to fun summer travel photos, like this one from a trip I took at MoMA in NYC.

Bonus Track:  Drawing with light

Man Ray first did this in 1935.  Picasso drew with light for Time Magazine in 1949.  All YOU need is a light-source like a flashlight or sparkler plus a tripod and your camera on long exposure to help reduce camera shake.

Which is your favorite?  Share it below so we can see it!