August Favorite: Farmers’ Market Style

August’s favorite thing is farmers’ market style!
Prep for a tour ’round the tents and bring these essential items when shopping for local eats.

1. A pocket-sized notebook.  This letter-pressed gem by Portugal’s ARMINHO is perfect for your shopping list, recipe ideas from vendors and directions to markets Pioneer Valley that you found on

2.  Market bag. Stand out in the crowd with the To Market To Market tote by HappyTownHawaii. A sturdy canvas or nylon bag or two will help you tote your items to and from home. Backpacks are good for hauling bulky items.  Don’t forget to wash these regularly!

3.  Zip-pouch wallet. Vendors love small bills and coins, especially if you’re an early bird hoping to take the best picks. Close or exact change helps them and here’s a cute seed packet pouch by Minnesota’s SewTini to put them in.

What are your top three essential items to bring to a farmers’ market?


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