Conversations & Scribbles: Studio Life

Anselblue’s Top 10 hilarious GIFs for weary craft show road warriors and Etsy shopkeeps.

1.  When a customer starts a pile of things they want to buy at a pop-up shop.

2.  When a customer says they’ll “come back later and get it” after you tell them the item will sell out.

3.  Saying goodbye to my cat before leaving for a weekend-long show.

4.  Gluing my fingers together with superglue…yet again.

4.  General reaction when anything really great happens around here.

5.  General reaction when anything really ridiculous happens around here.

6.  Figuring out pricing for retail.

7.  When someone doesn’t ask before they take pictures of the things I make.

8.  When a buyer for a hip shop asks if I would ever consider doing wholesale.

9.  When a person rearranges merchandise and then tells me it looks much better.

10.  When an item I made shows up on Pinterest and a million people love it, too.


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