In the Kitchen: Warren Bobrow and Klaus the Soused Gnome

Two years ago, I had the good fortune to meet Warren Bobrow.  In charge of all things good to drink at the Brimfield VIP Tent, he started my morning of antiques spotting with “Corrected Coffee” and recharged my afternoon with jokes and a Croft Pink Porto on the rocks.  Below is a fun interview with friend Warren and Klaus Gnome.  Both will be at White Square Books in Easthampton on Saturday to talk about their new book and highlight hot buttered rum, a gorgeous little cup of buzzzzz with tea and a lime/mint simple syrup!

WB Brimfield

SP:  So, how did you two meet?  Is it true that you go everywhere together? 
WB:  Klaus and I met back in the early 90’s.  He belonged to my old friend Heather.  She grew up with his whole family.  According to Heather, Klaus was yearning for some travel, since he spent most of his time up on the mantel.  He sometimes got himself into trouble with the other gnomes and it was time to see the world.  Yes, Klaus comes with me almost everywhere.  He traveled to Abruzzi in Italy with me in September, New Orleans the month prior and he is well known in New York City as a bon vivant.  A normal day for Klaus usually begins with a cup of cafe correto.  Corrected coffee.  Coffee with a kick.  Hey, Klaus, save some for me!

SP:  Warren, are you excited about your new book?  Was it a dream come true to become an author?
WB:  I never thought I would become an author.  I just knew that I didn’t want to be an executive secretary any longer.  I had to figure out what I was passionate about or otherwise face financial destruction.  That’s the only way you change, when faced with a crisis! My book came out of pure effort. There is nothing more important to me than sitting down at the Mac and just writing.  Free form sometimes.  Flow of consciousness.  I work in silence surrounded by the forest outside.  It’s very peaceful and it allows me to concentrate on the task at hand.

SP:  Klaus, did you help with the book?  Which apothecary cocktails are your favorite?
WB:  Klaus helped me with all the recipes.  He has a very determined approach to testing them and is uber-excited to start testing some new drinks this morning.   Klaus is sleeping right now.. He had a rough night last night.  I have some Fernet Branca for him when he wakes up.  I’m a true fan of the hot buttered rum.  Very effective for sleep disorders and when you have a cold.

SP:  Since the book has been published, do you know if anyone has been cured from drinking one of the restorative cocktails?
WB:  I know many people who have taken the restoratives but Klaus isn’t telling who they are.  Nor am I!

SP:  Are there more books planned for the future?  Give us the scoop!
WB:  Yes, there is another book on the horizon.  My deadline is December 1st!  I only can tell you it involves whiskey.   Shhhh!

To learn more about Warren Bobrow and Klaus the Soused Gnome, visit or keep up with them (@WarrenBobrow1 and @KlausGnome) on Twitter.  


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