Sushi, Sashimi, and Norimaki! Oh, My!

Do you know the difference between sushi, sashimi, and norimaki?  Check this basic photo guide to see if you’re right!

1.  Sushi, by definition, is cooked vinegar rice with raw fish on top.  That looks like this:

2.  Only sliced raw fish on your plate?  That’s sashimi and it looks like this:

3.  Enveloped by seaweed?  That’s norimaki and it looks like this:

Did you know:  Westerners commonly mistake norimaki for sushi.  My favorite norimaki is kanpyo, or dried and sweetened strips of calabash.

Need to say “No wheat, please!” in Japanese?  Try “iie komugi, kudasai!” when you need wheat-free soy sauce.  Remember, not everyone who works at a Japanese restaurant is Japanese.  It might be better to point to the ingredient on the label and say politely that you can’t have wheat because you’ll get very sick.

Chisato, my friend from Japan, illustrates how to make norimaki: